International Students Residence is opened


It was opened this Thursday, August 10th, the International Student Residence, which has a complete structure to receive students and has 15 apartments for academics from other countries who decide to take part of their studies or the entire academic cycle in the institution. The academic community and the general public participated in the event and visited the premises.

"It is a great satisfaction to see the internationalization process. This growth is visible, it represents the blessings of God on the University Center of Anápolis, and our sponsor gives us full support on this process. If there were no such support, the International Student Residence would not be possible", said the Academic Coordinator of the International Affairs Center, Professor Marisa Espíndola.

The president of the Evangelical Educational Association, Ernei de Oliveira Pina, pointed out that one of the objectives is to expand the international area: "Our work today already includes other sponsored institutions. We are in touch with Raízes College, where the Law course is offered. We are already working on the possibility of students of this institution to be part of the international programs of the Evangelical Educational Association. Internationalization is an important milestone because it has taken our institution outside the limits of our city, our state and other countries".

"We are getting started, taking the first steps, but very well defined steps. The internationalization process is being consolidated, as in the case of the disciplines in English we are offering. This is an irreversible process, which is part of becoming a university", emphasized the Rector of the University Center of Anápolis, Carlos Hassel Mendes.

Where are we?

Where are we?

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