UniEVANGÉLICA in Anápolis - was accredited in 2004. Before this, the institution was called Integrated Colleges of the Evangelical Education Association (1993) which, in turn, brought together four isolated institutions, all supported by AEE: Bernardo Sayão Philosophy College (1961), the Law School in Anápolis (1969), the João Prudente Dental College (1971), and the Vale de São Patrício Philosophy College (1976).

In higher education, it is the largest and oldest educational institution kept by AEE, and houses the first three undergraduate courses in the countryside of the state of Goías, which are Pedagogy, founded in 1961, Law, founded in 1969, and Dentistry, founded in 1971.  It is considered a reference in the regional setting, both for its educational quality and for its strategic geographic location, attracting many students not only from the Central West region, but from all regions of the country.

Currently, there are twenty-five (25) undergraduate courses in operation: seventeen (17) courses that offer a bachelor’s degree, one (1) that offer a licentiate degree, and seven (7) that offer a technology degree, as well as sixty-one (61) graduate programs lato sensu and um (1) institutional Master’s Program.

Historical Timeline

  • 1932 Couto Magalhães Elementary and High School is founded in Anápolis, Goiás. 
  • 1947 The Evangelical Education Association (AEE) is founded by a group of Christians. 
  • 1961 Bernardo Sayão Philosophy College is founded.
  • 1969 Anápolis Law School is founded. 
  • 1971 João Prudente Odontology School is founded. 
  • 1976 Vale do São Patrício Philosophy College is founded. 
  • 2004 UniEVANGÉLICA is accredited by the Ministry of Education.
             Raízes College is acquired.
  • 2005  Evangélica College of Goianésia is founded.

Where are we?

Where are we?

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