Community Service

Community Outreach Projects

Create and Play Project – Social Inclusion through Art

The Create and Play Project is a social inclusion project that proposes the Musical and Artistic Education of children and teenagers through the Didactic Orchestra and Fine Arts. The project was developed in 2005. It reaches children and teenagers of low income families in neighborhoods on the outskirts of Anápolis, and has Music and Fine Arts as tools of social inclusion. To participate in the program students must be between the ages of 9 and 18.

Through the project, students learn how to play a classical orchestra instrument, (the violin, the viola, the cello, the flute, the saxophone, the trumpet, the oboe, the bassoon, the clarinet, the tympanum and others). Students practice together, going through several learning stages: musicalization, instrument learning lessons, joint orchestra practice classes, and the participation in the official Orchestra of the project.

The Create and Play Project provides artistic and professional training to about 400 teenagers in the city of Anápolis, Goianésia and Rialma, and already has four (4) youth orchestras formed. The students’ development and learning is something real, and many talents have been discovered through the Project.

Technological Innovation Center / UniINCUBADORA

The main goal of the Technological Innovation Center is to strengthen the ties of UniEVANGÉLICA researchers with the community businesses and public agencies, helping them with fundraising and finding new ways to foster innovative and technological transfers.

The Business Incubation program treats entrepreneurial and technological culture as strategies and a priority to stimulate the development of innovative business, with solutions and reproductive models.


UniCARE is a university extension project located in the Advanced Nursing Clinic at UniEVANGÉLICA. Comprised of students, teachers and nurses, the clinic activities cover all the components of higher education, creating an appropriate space for the education of a nursing practitioner and the development of their skills, effectively contributing in promoting health, self-care and safety to those on the University Campus. UniCARE works with Public Health Education and Family Health Care, globally adopted by the nursing profession in Brazil.

Dental Teaching Clinic

The Dental Teaching Clinic offers services in several areas of dentistry, in partnership with the Health Department and the National Health Care System. It provides free dental treatments for the less privileged population. Treatments are carried out through a screening program aimed at determining the patient’s needs. They are then inserted in the clinics according to the complexity of the treatment required, in order to enable the students to adapt to real life situations. 

Physical Therapy School Clinic

The physiotherapy School Clinic, convened with the National Health Care System, aims to contribute to quality education through free physiotherapy treatments to the citizens of Anápolis, with ample space and modern equipment, as well as a therapeutic pool, adapted to meet the community in different clinical areas. It offers supervised curricular internships, being a fundamental part in the academic’s training.

The Center for Legal Practice

The Center for Legal Practice (NPJ) works as a Law School Office legally created to serve the public with low income, providing legal services free of charge. It focuses in certain areas and cases such as family issues, children and young adult’s rights, civil and criminal law, labor and social security. It has the objective of creating opportunities for the students to write briefs, as well as monitoring routine professional work in public hearings, and also providing legal services to the less fortunate community.

It is partners with the Center for Social Inclusion (Criminal Enforcement System Agency in Goiás), the Regional Labor Court and Federal Justice Court.

Field Trips

Amazon – Parintins – PA: Project in a partnership between UniEVANGÉLICA, Asas de Socorro (Mission Aviation Fellowship), First Baptist church of Parintins and Terre des Hommes-Holland. It is held in the Amazon region.

Week for Jesus: Project in partnership with The Federation of the Methodist Societies of Men and Women. These projects give the students the opportunity to be exposed to specific realities of isolated regions.

Both projects assist the local communities and involve teachers, students, technicians and professionals through health services and educational workshops take place. Surveys are conducted in the region by researches from the Master of Science in Society, Technology and the Environment, as well as teachers and students from Business, Biology, Nursing, Mechanical, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Odontology and Medicine programs, with the objective to collect data for future studies.