International Office


On November 16, 2013, the International Affairs Center – NAI of UniEVANGÉLICA was created, declared as a milestone in the history of the institution. NAI was born of a project started in 2006 motivated by AEE’s Board visits to other countries in search of internationalization of education. The first agreement signed opened paths and ideals for several other agreements, culminating in the creation of an institutionalized department to meet this demand.

NAI works integrated with Rector and Pro-Rectors’ offices, besides serving Colleges and other institutions maintained by AEE in their interaction with international institutions. NAI aims to plan, promote and monitor institution’s internationalization policies, seeking partnerships with international organizations to serve academics and teachers, considering as its pillars Teaching, Research and Extension, through scientific, academic, cultural and humanitarian international actions.

NAI consists of International Academic Coordination, managed by Prof. Marisa Mota da Silva Espíndola and International Humanitarian Projects Coordination, managed by Pr. Rocindes José Corrêa. These Coordinations perform activities such as: Language exchanges, Scientific and Academic mobility and Humanitarian work.