UniEVANGÉLICA welcomes International Students


International Affairs Center - NAI through University Center of Anápolis - UniEVANGÉLICA, continues to receive international students. This semester students came for health area studies, some for observational internship and one for full undergraduate degree.

In partnership with Local Coordination for Internship and Experiences - CLEV were welcomed students from Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and Germany. They are medical students who conducted a month observational internship in some health institutions of Anápolis, as Day Hospital of the Elderly, Goiano Evangelical Hospital and Santa Casa de Anápolis.

"I always wanted to experience health and research in another country. See the differences and how to study here, "said the German exchange student Alina Schultze-Berndt, who came from Berlin.

Portuguese student Patrícia Gonçalves Pereira did internship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Santa Casa de Anápolis. She studies at the University of Coimbra in Portugal and found the experience extremely important to the curriculum. "It's a unique experience. I got to know a new culture, make other friends. It's very good, " she concludes.

Angolan student Emanuel Cachindelle arrived in Brazil in late July to study Nursing at the University Center of Anápolis - UniEVANGÉLICA. He joined the institution through the International Online Vestibular conducted by COMSEL and International Affairs Center - NAI, and intends to complete the entire course here.

After completing Nursing, Emanuel intends to study Medicine. "I want to go back to Angola to help my country. It is a great opportunity to study abroad, the laboratories here are much more evolved, " he said.

Where are we?

Where are we?

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