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Where are We?


UniEVANGÉLICA - Av. Universitária Km. 3,5 - Cidade Universitária - Anápolis - GO CEP: 75083-515

Anápolis is located in the state of Goiás, Central-West region of Brazil. The estimated population is 350.000. The city´s altitude of 1,017 meters (3,336 ft.) is on a plateau, one of the highest in Brazil. The climate is mild without extremes and it is generally cooler than the surrounding cities. Anápolis lies in the center of a rich agricultural region and has become a leader in food processing and in the pharmaceutical industry.

After Goiânia, the state capital, Anápolis is the most developed city in Goiás. It also has the fastest developing industrial sector with several high-tech companies in the Central Region of Brazil.

Anápolis stands out because of its educational infrastructures, with several public and private, primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges. Among them UniEVANGÉLICA stands out.

The Brazilian Air Force operates one of its most important bases here, protecting the country’s capital, Brasília, as well as being an important element of the SIVAM project, the Amazon vigilance system.

Tourism in Goías is featured in several parts of the state, and has grown in recent decades attracting tourists from various parts of Brazil and the world. The following locations are near Anápolis and can be highlighted as touristic attractions in Goiás:

  • Goiânia,  50 kilometers from Anápolis, is the second most populous city in the Central Region of Brazil, being surpassed only by Brasília. It is located in the Central Plateau and is an important economic center in the region, being considered a strategic center for areas of industry, medicine, fashion, and agriculture.  Goiânia stands out among Brazilian capitals for having the largest green área index per capita in Brazil, being surpassed in all of the world only by Edmonton.
  • Pirenópolis, founded in 1727 is 50 kilometers from Anápolis. It is a historical city with beautiful waterfalls and the highest mountain top in the state, known as Pico dos Pirineus.
  • Brasília, 120 kilometers from Anápolis, is a city that was born ahead of its time. The capital of Brazil is a monument in itself, and is only 55 years old. It is considered a World Heritage Site. Its infrastructure provides various options for visitors, having more than 7 thousand bars and 3,5 thousand restaurants. It has an intense night life and many cultural attractions, as well as abundant natural riches, such as waterfalls, caves and lakes, perfect for field trips and practicing outdoor sports. It is also the administrative headquarters of the country.
  • Goiás Velho, 180 kilometers from Anápolis, was founded in the beginning of the eighteenth century. With its historical houses, the Red River which cuts the city, the International Movie Festival which takes place annually, and its traditional festivals that mark the city calendar, it is definently an attractive place to visit.
  • Caldas Novas and Pousada do Rio Quente, 200 kilometros from Anápolis,  is sorrounded by the  Serra de Caldas and is very rich in natural beauty. What makes it even more fascinating is its hot springs, reaching temperatures of 58°C, which allow for indescribable sensations and are beneficially radioactive, odorless and translucent, carrying minerals and gases.
  • Araguaia River is 400 km from Anápolis and from July to September, with low water levels forms beaches of more than 2 kilometers long.  

Closest Airports:

Brasília International Airport - President Juscelino Kubitschek (BSB/SBBR)

Santa Genoveva National Airport

Where are we?

Where are we?

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  • Av. Universitária Km. 3,5 - Cidade Universitária
    Anápolis - Goiás - Brasil - CEP: 75083-515
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