About the Course

Course Information 
Degree Undergraduate
Modality In-person
Registration Semester
Course Duration 5 years 
Shift Mornings and Afternoons
Vacancies 60
Accreditation Port. nº 604-2013
Campus Anápolis

The Architecture and Urbanism Course of UniEVANGÉLICA aims at the training of professionals of a higher education level, with the title of Architect and Urbanist, capable of performing the activities related to buildings, architectural ensembles, monuments, landscaping, interiors, physical, territorial and urban planning, and related services, acting in the supervision, coordination and technical orientation, study, planning, design and specification phases, assistance, advisory and consulting, construction management and technical service, survey, evaluation, arbitration, award and technical production, teaching, research, analysis, experimentation, testing, measurement and quality control, execution of work and technical service, inspection of work and technical service, technical and specialized production, conducting of installation team , Assembly, operation, repair or maintenance, execution of installation, assembly and repair, operation and maintenance of equipment and installation, execution of technical drawing.

The Architect and Urbanist graduated in UniEVANGÉLICA should have a profile of general practitioner, able to understand and translate the needs of individuals, social groups and community, in relation to the conception, organization and construction of outer and inner space, covering building, urbanism and the landscaping in the concepts of sustainability, as well as the conservation and valorization of the built heritage, protection of the balance of the natural environment and the rational use of available resources, oriented towards the architectural and urbanistic projection, in its broadest sense, and the attainment Of the complementary projects and execution of construction.

Where are we?

Where are we?

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