About the Course

Course Information 
Degree Undergraduate
Modality In-person
Registration Semester
Course Duration 5 years 
Shift Night (with a possibility of classes on Saturdays mornings and afternoons)
Vacancies 60
Accreditation CAS 8/2010 - 05/03/2010
Campus Anápolis

The Agronomy Course aims at the formation of a professional that meets the technical-scientific-humanistic conditions to perform all the tasks inherent to the production of food for humans and domestic animals, intervening from the definition of the conditions of planting until the arrival of the industrialized product to the consumer. This professional, whose profession is regulated by Law 5,194 of 12/24/1966, can act in the public and private sectors, in the activities of planning, teaching, research, extension and production.

The graduate will have a profile that will enable him/her to contribute to the construction of a model of sustainable agricultural development, enhancing the generation and application of new products, technologies and services, respecting the environmental precepts with a view to socioeconomic development.

The goal, therefore, is to prepare critical professional-citizens, tuned to the modern world, with potential to promote changes in the agricultural environment and with the capacity to develop a sustainable agriculture where there is an interrelation between environment, man and the economic area.


Where are we?

Where are we?

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