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About the Course

Course Information 
Degree Undergraduate
Modality In-person
Registration Semester
Course Duration 4 years 
Shift Night
Vacancies 60
Accreditation 46 of 02/14/2013 (Course accreditation renewal)
Campus Anápolis

The Administration Course aims to train entrepreneurs and managers of their own businesses or their work, with attention focused on market opportunities, exploring activities in a strategic and innovative approach. As a task, it seeks to obtain results through the coordination of people, whether in industries, public service organizations, health, education, military or religious institutions, in commerce or agricultural activity. 

The graduate in Administration must gather professional and personal characteristics, with a general profile, combining leadership, competence, business vision and entrepreneurial spirit, so that he / she can both provide their own and third-party development, as well as be qualified to carry out basic research applied to the business area of organizations.

The administrator is a professional who works at the most varied levels of an organization - from the lower-level positions in hierarchy to the CEO of the company. To do so, the course proposal includes the areas of marketing, finance, production, human resources, and logistics, among others.


Where are we?

Where are we?

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